Sell your Hyundai H100

Hyundai H100 Bakkie for sale Goodwood

Sell your Hyundai H100 – Advertise your vehicle on our website. We have thousands of visitors monthly that are interested in buying an H100 Hyundai truck.

How to get started selling your Hyundai H100 truck

To sell your H100 Bakkie email us the following:

  • Your name, surname and number that you want on the ad
  • The province and town that you are selling from
  • The year model, kilometers and if applicable the service record. Example [Services up to date]
  • Colour of your H100 bakkie that you want to sell
  • Up to six images
  • Sales Price

Why sell your on Hyundai for Sale Cape Town Website?

Our website is optimized and well ranked in Google Search Engines

  • All H100 Hyundai trucks are automatically shared to our social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit
  • We get thousands of visitors per day of people interested in buying an H100 bakkie.
  • We charge no commission on an successful sale, the clients contact you directly
  • You can add 6 images per vehicle
  • Our specialist optimize your ad so that clients can find your vehicle anywhere in South Africa
  • We regionalize your ad so that there is more focus on people of interest near you
  • Affordable once of fee per vehicle

How much does it cost to advertise on Hyundai Cape Town

Although our site is called Hyundai For Sale Cape Town we get visitors from all over the country interested in buying an H100 Bakkie. Dealers will find you regardless of where they are as Hyundai H100 are in demand and many people can’t afford to buy one.

To advertise on your H100 on our website the rates per vehicle is R149. This price includes uploading the information of your vehicle and images that we received. You get 1 free price change if you want to lower or increase the price. There is no expiring date on your advertisement unless you have sold the vehicle and informed us to remove the add.

To get started or to get more information you can contact us here

Sell your Hyundai H100

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